It seems that it is only seasons in a state of transition do I find to be the most beautiful. To grow, to change, to develop and become part of a cycle of revival. Speaking of revival, I found this amazing plaid blazer buried in my mother's closet back in high school and I loved it. It was so classic and autumnal with small leather straps that lent an equestrian air to it. I knew it would go perfectly with my knee high brown Aldo boots which are my absolute favorite because despite the heel, they're more comfortable than you would think and go with just about any fall outfit I can whip up. I snagged the boots a few years ago when in a moment of insanity brought on by post Thanksgiving dinner dish-washing I agreed to brave the Black Friday crowds. After I got them, I didn't feel the need to add any more boots to my collection which is really weird because I usually would go crazy and try to hoard as many as possible. That these could satiate my crazy shoe needs is no small feat. Every girl needs a great, sturdy pair of knee high boots in a classic color (brown, black, tan, or taupe preferably) that are comfortable enough for long walks through crunchy leaves and able to keep your toes warm in a way that flip flops just can't.

I honestly used to hate turtlenecks. Not just for the obvious constant chokehold reason but because I thought they were so dated and the equivalent of what goes with mom jeans and a mom mullet. Now I see the error of my ways. They're a toasty warm alternative to wearing a scarf and a classic closet staple that I've found goes perfectly under almost any coat for a light warm layer without looking too bulky.

I haven't worn blue jeans in the longest time either but with these boots, I didn't think my usual black jeggings would work into the mix this time. These boot cut rag & bone jeans I got from a summer sample sale in LA worked perfectly.

I know it's winter but LA isn't really good about sticking to the four season weather pattern. Half the trees are bare and lost all their leaves while the other half are still beautifully golden so I figure this autumnal themed blog post could still be relevant kind of sort of.

Celestial Drops Earrings in Gold - Baublebar // Clear Crystal Flower Lattice Statement Bib Necklace - J. Crew // Lipstick - Dose of Colors Liquid Lipstick in Black Rose (Limited Edition) // Burberry Tote - Vintage (Mom's) // Plaid Blazer - Vintage (Mom's) // Ribbed Turtleneck in Cream - Gap // Jeans - rag & bone // Knee High Boots - Aldo

Photos by @brianjwhy


  1. I could use a pair of boots like that. Didn't try hard enough to find a pair when I was in Japan.


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