About Me

My name is Krystle Young from LA/OC. Welcome to my creative space and fashion diary. This is where I dress up and make up. Where I share my lifestyle with you and chronicle my personal style trajectory as I meander through my closet, current fashion trends, my makeup bag, the kitchen, and the world.

I'll feature my love of fashion, art, design, food, photography, makeup, movies, music, and foreign films. 
I am particularly fond of collecting nail polish.

I want you to know that as an avid fashion and beauty blog reader myself, I will never give any recommendations or promote any products or brands here unless I actually use it, have tried them out myself, and/or truly believe in the brand or effectiveness of the product. I cannot stand being marketed to and I would never feel right doing that to others and for that reason, any products or brands featured on my blog will only be here because I hope that by sharing my opinions with you, it will help you make better decisions on what works best for you and nothing more. My goal is to be as honest as possible as this is my creative space and expression of myself where I make no room for false advertising.