Summer is finally starting to wind down in L.A. and I can start bringing out the boots and scarves soon! But in this city, January daytime temperatures tends to get confused with July so there's no telling how long my autumn wardrobe will be allowed to have its day in the sun. Anyhow...

Extreme summer heat naturally called for this dreamy, floaty silk dress in cornflower blue. It is the physical incarnation of a cool breeze on a hot summer day. I love the way it catches the wind and the delicate straps that criss cross on the back. It's struck a happy middle between laid-back casual and all-dressed-up.

Maxi dresses never fail to make me feel a little bit princessy and elegant. I'm pretty sure it's a combination of having to pick up my skirt as I walk so I don't eat concrete and how twirly they inherently are... or is it just me? ; )

Points if you can spy that guy walking towards me in the bottom left corner of the first photo! Totally got scolded for standing up there because it would "set a bad example for the kids who play in the park." :/ I'm such a rebel!

Zara Maxi Dress with Fine Straps S/S 2014 - No longer available try here // MAC Russian Red lipstick

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